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Terms and Conditions


  1. All prices are exclusive of VAT which where applicable will be charged at the correct rate at time of purchase.

Retention of Title

  1. Any goods purchased through the Beverage group Ltd will remain our property until the sale payment is paid in full.

Payment Terms

  1. Spending over £150.00 on credit card may be subject to a 2.5% service charge and we reserve the right to refund the transaction and add the 2.5% before goods are shipped.
  2. All Machines paid by credit card will be subject to the service charge of 2.5% charge and no goods will be shipped until paid in full.

Account Payment Terms

  1. All invoices shall be settled within 30 Days of the invoice Date for the goods purchased.
  2. Failure to pay the balance within the 30 day account terms may result in the goods being collected and returned to the Beverage Group Ltd, upon return of the goods any used or damaged products will include a Surcharge at our end user rate.
  3. Collection of the goods will also include a Surcharge to cover all cost incurred in obtaining settlement.
  4. May also result in closure of the existing account after the Bill has been settled in full.
  5. Any account outstanding beyond our credit terms will be passed out to a 3rd party debit collection agency all costs and interest to be borne by the customer.


  1. All products are sent via a 3rd party courier via a Next Day service unless stated.
  2. All orders before 15.00pm will guarantee the above.
  3. Beverage Group is not responsible for 3rd Party strikes.
  4. Beverage Group is not responsible for missed delivery or carded goods.
  5. Any goods returned back to the Beverage Group for missed delivery will have a forwarding surcharge added to the invoice as per our standard delivery rate.
  6. Goods will only be delivered to the address of the official order.
  7. The contact to sign for the goods must be available to receive the goods, unless stated.
  8. Any items not in stock will be forwarded to the customer as soon as available.

Return of Damaged Goods

  1. All damaged products must be reported within 24hrs of receiving the goods, Beverage Group may collect the goods and offer a replacement, once the goods have been assessed by the Beverage Group.


  1. Any quote given by the Beverage Group, prices are only valid for 14 days.
  2. No quote is guaranteed, Beverage Group reserves the right to increase the quotation to fall in line with suppliers prices at time of quotation.

Price Increases

  1. Beverage Group reserve the right to increase any price given to fall in line with suppliers increases at any time.
  2. It is the customers responsibility to check prices are current with what may be thought correct at the time of any order.

Installation of Equipment

  1. Installation price will include up to 2hrs on site to install and train staff.
  2. Installations that run outside of our 2hr period will be subject to our time on site per 1/2hr rate.
  3. Once a machine has been set to taste (i.e. Coffee) by the customer, a return to site at any time/ period to adjust the setting will not be offered free as per our contract terms and conditions and will be charged at our standard call out and time on site rate. (See 3. The agreement does not include the following services).

Machine Call Out Terms and Conditions

  1. All/ any parts used under our call out service will be chargeable to the customer/Business that has requested the service.
  2. If the machine is deemed not repairable then our Call out and time on site charge shall remain payable.
  3. If a machine is not repairable at time of a attendance an appropriate quote will be given to repair the machine.
  4. I f the machine requires parts that the engineer does not have in stock an appropriate quote will be given to repair the machine. A return to site will be charged at our Time on Site rate to fit the parts, within our two week return to site policy.
  5. We may consider credit of the account if a machine is not repairable at time of attendance a request by the customer for a credit must be made to us in writing 7 days of the date of invoice.
  6. All call out charges will start at time of arrival to the premises, unless Beverage Group has agreed and stated times, then we cannot guarantee times of attendance, you must be aware we can only state the day of arrival, therefore anytime within our working hours will be deemed suitable to attend your call out request.
  7. All call outs include the first 1 hr on site from time of arrival at the premises specified.
  8. All call outs charges will be paid in full before site attendance.
  9. The engineers can only work on the requested machine by the customer.
  10. Only plumbing connected up to the stopcock/mains feed will be deemed suitable for the engineer to assess repair.
  11. Only electric/ cables directly connected to the machine will be deemed suitable for the engineer to assess repair.
  12. The machine shall be made excisable for the job to be undertaken, with a suitable working area for the engineer.
  13. The machine shall not be moved by our engineer, unless stated by the customer to do so the customer must provide appropriate and suitable lifting equipments to do so.
  14. Cancellation of a Call out must be made 24hr before of the agreed arrival date for a full refund.
  15. All cancelations within 24hrs of arriving to site will still be deemed chargeable.

What to expect with your Parts and Labour Warranty

  • No repair bills to pay
    Call out, parts and labour are all included.
  • Priority call out
    Priority call out over non contracted customers. On average within 24hrs.
  • Technical Help Line
    Monday - Sunday (9.00am - 5.00pm).

Two Week Return to Site Policy

  1. Beverage group will return to site within a two week period if:
    1. The machine still has the original fault.
    2. Parts are requested to be fitted from initial call out (charged at our time on site rate).
  2. Outside of a the two week period, any parts ordered or a request to return to site regarding the initial customer call out, will be charged at our Call out and Time on site rate, NOTE: this excludes parts ordered by the customer within the 2 week awaiting arrival, section (a) of the above will still apply.

Contract Terms and Conditions

  1. The Contract
    1. The contract will cover the machines listed in the schedule for a minimum period of 12 months from the commencement date of the contract.
    2. Comprehensive maintenance can be defined as providing repair and maintenance to machines as specified in the schedule within a reasonable period of time from notification. (targeted response is 8 working hours) This service will be available during the company's normal working week and normal working hours of 08.30 and 18.00.
    3. All parts used in the repair of, or maintaining of the machines will be supplied by the company free of charge, provided the wear or damage is caused by fair wear and tear under normal use (unless otherwise agreed).
    4. the following are not covered under the terms of this contract and we reserve the right to charge for call out, labour and parts at our normal rates and terms current at the time:
      1. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of vandalism, manhandling, theft or attempted theft.
      2. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of the use of incorrect or unsuitable ingredient or product.
      3. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of the use of incorrect, foreign, badly damaged or spurious coins.
      4. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of the user's operator staff or contractors practices when filling and cleaning
      5. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of hygiene component loss, damage or timely replacement when worn.
      6. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of usage beyond the equipments designed capacity and / or ability.
      7. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of water scale damage if the water filter systems used are not maintained by TVS.
      8. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of equipment failure because of outside influence.
      9. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of restricted ventilation to the refrigeration unit.
      10. Service calls made due to a non machine fault and / or no fault found.
      11. Service calls aborted due to access to site or keys for equipment not available on a timed visit or installation.
      12. Refrigeration repairs to fridge units over 3 year's old and electronic boards on 'bean to cup' machines over 1 year old.
  2. The Company Agree
    1. That upon receipt of a completed copy of this document plus receipt of the appropriate payment, to provide the user with the following service. On site emergency breakdown service as per paragraph 1, including all travelling, labour and materials free of charge and to carry out preventative maintenance checks while on site and / or during water filter exchanges, except as per paragraph 1 (d)
  3. The agreement does not include the following services:
    1. Adjustment to beverage dispenser following a change of beverage ingredients dispensed, unless agreed by the company.
    2. Adjustment to food or snack vendors following a change in size, shape or weight of items to be vended.
    3. Changes of vend prices, or changes to the range of coins accepted.
    4. Cleaning and/or sanitising of machine due to lack of performance by users staff or contractors in carrying out the cleaning routines or faults caused by negligence on the part of the users staff.
    5. Training of the user's operator staff or contractors.
    6. Routine changing of gas bottles, lights and water filters or any routine which is the responsibility of the user staff or contractors.
  4. Charges
    1. During the minimum period of this maintenance contract the total maintenance charge for the machines listed in the schedule will be £ (plus vat at the current rate).
    2. The first charge must be paid in advance on the signing hereof and each subsequent charge must be paid in advance upon invoice, yearly.
  5. This contract is not transferable unless agreed in writing by both parties
  6. In consideration of the forgoing the user agrees:
    1. To allow the company's service staff free access to the machines at all reasonable times.
    2. To allow master locks to be fitted where deemed necessary by the company for ease of access to machines, carried out at the companies expense.
    3. To clean and sanitise the machines to the satisfaction of the environmental health officer and in compliance with the Health and Safety at Works act.
    4. To absolve the company of any liability for the failure to perform the obligation if such failure is caused by force majeure, fire, storm, war, civil disorder or any other circumstances beyond control of either party.
    5. To absolve the company from any loss of the users stock and / or revenue from the machines, howsoever caused.

The schedules of goods covered by this contract are as per appendix A.